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A lot of security news this week, but I’m choosing not to dwell on goto fail since we’re already seeing the OS updates. Mark it up as one more example why SSL alone isn’t enough.

Nomad: world-class command line utilities for iOS development
Automate everything! Useful terminal utilities for doing things like push notification, device provisioning, and TestFlight distribution.

Apple confirms that it has acquired TestFlight creator Burstly
Congrats to the TestFlight team, they earned it. As a big fan of TestFlight, I’m curious what the future holds for the product.

Serial Entrepreneurs Aren’t Any More Likely to Succeed
This study asserts that past success is a good indicator of future success, and past failure is an indicator of future failure. Ability trumps experience.

Some of the Best Photos of the Night Sky, and How to Make Your Own
Not the type of link I normally send out, but I love the photos and the article gives some great pointers on how to do it yourself.

The Internet Is F***ed
Amen. Thankfully, there’s a way to fix it.

Muscle Made From Fishing Wire Is 100x Stronger Than Yours
Pretty sure this is an essential component for the Terminator robot.

Find Out When That Email You Sent Was Read
Not a new feature, but bringing it from expensive services to your own personal Gmail is quite cool.

Scroll Activated Animations – New Trend in Web Design
Been seeing this around more and more, but here are some really nice examples.

How Successful People Stay Calm
…which ultimately leads to better decisions.

Stephen Wolfram’s Introduction to the Wolfram Language
This seems so powerful, would love to play around with it.

Motrr Galileo
With Galileo you can rotate an iPhone or iPod Touch in any direction, from anywhere in the world.

‘Tengami’ Review – The Art Of Paper Folding
Haven’t dropped the $5 yet to play it, but this iOS (Universal) game looks so cool and unique.

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