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Some nice goodies this week. Time to start saving up for that Siri-enabled Ferrari.

Give me $300 or the website gets it!
Scary but real – a warning to be proactive with website security. CloudFlare has a free option, give it a try.

The world’s largest photo service just made its pictures free to use
Now there’s a free, legal alternative to ripping off stock photos from Google Images.

Flipboard Acquires Zite
Two of my favorite apps are combining forces – expecting good things.

How to Increase Productivity, Motivation and Engagement From Your Top Employees
This advice goes against a lot of the typical corporate management practices. Interesting / different perspective.

‘CloudyTabs’ Brings iCloud Tabs to Third-Party Mac Browsers via the OS X Menu Bar
I love iCloud Tabs, but it only works with Safari and I know a lot of people prefer other browsers.

‘Wello’ Health Tracking Case for iPhone
I believe that gaining the ability to regularly track our own body’s response to the environment is the next big revolution in healthcare.

Hands-on with Apple’s CarPlay: when Siri met Ferrari (video)
This looks so simple and intuitive. I can’t wait to see some of these cars…

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