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A lot of cool bits traveling across the web this week, so let’s get straight into it.

Apple Secure Coding Guide
A great primer on security from Apple. Most of this also applies outside of Mac / iOS.

Walt Disney Co. creates accelerator program
Here’s your chance to win $120k and the use of Disney characters for a new project.

50th anniversary of Beatles on Ed Sullivan celebrated with new Apple TV channel
Fun watching this old footage. Nice perk for Apple TV users.

MIT Students Are Battling With New Jersey Officials to Save Their Startup Company
Pretty surprising how hard the authorities cracked down an these hackathon winners.

Grand St. wants to do for gadgets what the App Store did for software
It’s like Etsy + Adafruit + Kickstarter.

Light Pack: get a new level of experience
Saw this on Grand St. A nice way of letting the content break out of your flat screen. And some science that shows it’s better for your eyes.

Amazing futuristic desk winds its way through an entire office.

From Google Ventures: 5 Rules For Writing Great Interface Copy
Sometimes common-sense advice is not so obvious.

Organizing Your Life: How to Go Paperless and Add Hours to Your Week
It’s tax time, and once again I’m on the verge of going paperless. This is a simple introduction from someone with a system that works. Hopefully this time it’ll stick.

Plan 28: Building Charles Babbage’s Analytical Engine
Building the steam-powered mechanical calculator Babbage was only able to create in journals and daydreams.

Google tells Glass users not to be ‘Glassholes’
Since the start of the Explorer program, I’ve felt that GOOG botched the rollout of Glass, and this stands as a partial admission of that. I’m a big proponent of the concept, but very concerned about the current direction.

A Stunning App That Turns Radiohead Songs Into Dreamscapes
Whimsical combination of music and environment in this free app from Radiohead. iOS and Android.

Lose yourself to dance with this ‘Happy’ and ‘Get Lucky’ mashup
A Daft Punk mashup / cover with some DIY projection mapping… me gusta.

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