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This week it seems like a lot of the stories that caught my attention were off the beaten path…

Pininfarina inkless metal pen will write forever
It’s like the perpetual motion machine of writing utensils.

Scientists Say They Can Provide Infinite Power by Harnessing Vibrations
Speaking of perpetual motion machines… it’s about darn time!

‘Fish on Wheels’ lets a goldfish drive a go-kart
Now that we’ve liberated the goldfish, we shall turn our attention to potted plants.

How San Francisco Outsmarted the Hassle of Donating Old Clothes
I love the fact that San Francisco has a goal of zero waste by 2020.

‘Flappy Bird’ Creator Pulled Game Because It Was ‘Too Addictive’
The success behind such a simple game and the developer’s ultimate decision to discontinue it was like a soap opera on the app store. Captivating (at least, to me).

Threes! is what every indie App Store game should be!
Great game dynamics… worth checking out just to see a really well-made game.

‘Tainted Love’ Played By Floppy Disk Drives Is Possibly The Best Use Of Technology Ever
‘Possibly’ being the operative word, but still pretty damn entertaining.

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