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I’m on a hardware kick now. Pull out your wire strippers, multimeters, and hack along!

Teaching Surgery With Google Glass–Will This Actually Work?
Sure it’s not the same as actually being there, but it seems like a valuable supplement. Shout to our @ModMed_EMA doctors in the article.

Let’s make it – Electronics Podcast
Been hacking around with some Arduino and Raspberry Pi stuff recently, and this is a great resource to get you up to speed – regardless of prior experience level.

Learn How to Use a Multimeter for All Your DIY Electronics Projects
More fun with hardware hacking.

This $75 synthesizer will turn anything into an instrument
A new maki-maki style input board, but this one’s for music.

Why the military should have known its $5 billion camouflage would fail
I’ve loved digital camo since the first time I saw it, but there’s a lot more here than a cool camo pattern.

Apple Acknowledges Continuing Issues with OS X Mail, Offers Manual Workaround
This one’s been plaguing me for months, and indeed this workaround is my current fix.

Hands on: Paper, a sleeker version of Facebook
Facebook’s new take on a news app.

Facebook Develops A Photoshop For Interaction Design, And It’s Free For Anyone To Use
The free tool Facebook created to help design it’s new Paper app.

These vinyl records hide secret music videos
Great use of a pictures disc – no CD or MP3 can do that.

One to One Hundred
Love the combination of math and graphic design.

The Internet has Spoken. Presenting the Winners of the First Annual .GIFYS
A new award show for animated .gifs… debatably more enjoyable than many of the ‘real’ award shows. Nice work @cpbgroup LA.

Lightning captured at 7,207 images per second
I gained a healthy obsession with lightning after being struck. I could watch this clip over and over.

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