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When it comes to iBeacon Readiness, iOS-7 iDevices Score 87% vs. Android Devices at a Paltry 2.5%
Here I thought iBeacons are cross-platform, when in fact the numbers show a less ideal outcome.

Big Data Analytics
Great summary of the use and misuse of big data.

1981 called – it wants its iWatch back
Funny how much this thing looks like a Pebble Steel.

What Gets in the Way of Listening
Good advice on active listening.

How to Use Meditation to Dominate Negativity
Need to do this more.

DVIA – Damn Vulnerable iOS Application
Extremely vulnerable iOS app for learning security best practices and developing penetration testing skills.

Three Flaws in Software Design
Cool video series from Google Developers, based on the book “Code Simplicity: The Fundamentals of Software”

Amazing Photo + Video Apps
Apple’s featuring the coolest image manipulation apps, and put them all on sale. Pick em up while they’re cheap.

Rock DJ: why there’s more to modern dance culture than technical skill
A video lampooning DJs for merely pressing play gets thoroughly debunked.

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