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Amazon Dash
Makes your shopping as easy as scanning the empty box.

Robotic kangaroo borrows its bouncy moves from the real thing
Nature is the best engineer.

Stanford scientists make $5 chemistry set inspired by a music box
Great combination of old technology and new.

What is your time really worth to you?
Insight into how much you value on hour of your time (in dollars).

Comic Neue Font
Comic Sans grew up. Get it while it’s free.

Take a trip around a miniaturized world with six GoPro cameras
Fun window into an alternate view of reality.

The gloves that will “change the way we make music”, with Imogen Heap
Tease music out of thin air with only your hands.

Solar-powered DJ table lets you party until curfew
I like the way it amplifies each phone… kind of like a new school gramophone.

Vidibox Mix
Genius demo by my bud Jonny / Eclectic Method of a hot new video remix app.

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