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The tech train keeps on rumbling down the tracks. Here’s what caught my attention this week.

The world’s biggest vinyl record is now spinning atop LA’s Forum
Vinyl continues it’s massive resurgence.

Lumo Lift
I’ve been watching these guys and it seems like a cool concept – a bit of a different angle from the other fitness trackers out there. Also I like how they’re doing a semi-Kickstarter-style preorder.

Renowned cryptographer believes his ‘Blackphone’ can stop the NSA
It’s sad that we need this, but it could provide a good option for privacy.

Nest CEO Tony Fadell on Google acquisition: ‘I don’t want to retire.’
At first I wasn’t very excited about this news, but reading the interview made me feel a little better.

Apple Engineer Creates Elaborate Drawing Machine, Using Legos
I’d love to get a peek inside this guy’s studio.

Google unveils new tool to help you beat AT&T and Verizon’s data caps
This is the type of feature I like to see… no new functionality, just purely improved user experience.

How to Get 50GB Free Storage Right Now on iOS
50GB free cloud storage sure beats the pants off Dropbox.

Thieves Steal Over 100 iPads From the Back of a Moving Truck
Wow, these felonious German Apple fans are not screwing around.

Tim Cook Responds To Thai Customer’s iPhone Request
Pretty remarkable this guy is so accessible and committed to customer service… we should all strive to be this responsive to our customers.

“Turn websites into structured APIs from your browser in seconds” – leave behind the days of scraping websites to get the data you need.

Just 6 Weeks: 100 Pushups
It’s the time of year to step up your fitness goals. This is a nicely designed (free) iOS app we’re using at the office to help stay on track.

Fire Pixels
Feed your inner pyromaniac.

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