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The first week of 2014 is behind us, and it feels like we’re looking forward into an incredible year.

Vinyl Kills The MP3 Industry
LP’s have always been cooler anyway, kids – support your local record shop.

The Mathematics of Gamification
The math to prove that loyalty points are optimally distributed amongst Superusers.

The Fourier Transform, explained in one sentence
Yeah… that’s a bit more concise than I would have explained it. Kudos.

You Weren’t Meant to Work 8 Hours Straight
Why we tend to loose focus more at certain times of the day, and what to do about it.

Nanomaterials Could Enable Large, Flexible Touch Screens
Now all we need is a large, flexible display.

First 3D-printed book cover is a beautiful sign of an experimenting industry
Literature, art and technology – add it to the book club reading list.

Dolby Vision: the future of TV is really, really bright
The CES announcement I’m most excited about. Now where can I see one of these things in person??

Mantle Framework on GitHub
Yet another JSON deserializer-type library, this one by the guys at GitHub. Also takes care of NSCoding, NSCopying, -isEqual:, -hash and even CoreData.

The Best Freakin’ Mac Games Of 2013
Gotta admit, these look pretty awesome.

The world’s first 24 hour music video
Or rather 360 unique videos for Skateboard P’s latest single, Happy, played seamlessly in sequence over the course of a whole day. If you don’t have a full 24 hours to spare, here are some of the highlights: Pharrell Williams – Happy (Official Music Video)

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