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Thank you for all the cool links you guys contributed this issue! Please keep sending them.

23andMe plans to move beyond genetic testing to making drugs
All that data certainly has value – curious to see how this works out.

How the Apple Watch Will Help You Take Charge of Your Health
It’s clear Apple is pushing into healthcare in a major way, and here are some of the types of things we’ll start to see.

3D-printed Iron Man gauntlet becomes a kid’s awesome bionic arm
Possibly the coolest prosthetic limb ever made.

PancakeBot – The world’s first pancake printer!
Delicious now comes with a print button.

Soon you can hand crank your iPhone, like our ancient ancestors
Battery always out of juice? I know a few people that could really use this!

This Sweet Music Maker Does Pretty Much Everything
I’m a sucker for new types of musical instruments.

Music to Code By
A new album created specifically for use when writing software.

Mix the City: Tel Aviv
Kutiman, one of my favorite remixers, is back with an original take on a vibrant coastal city. Can’t get this track out of my head! If you like it, you can make your own version by mashing the keyboard.

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