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Happy holidays, all! May 2015 bring you everything you wish for.

3D printing technique will put electronics into just about everything
Embedding circuits into 3d printed objects will open up so many possibilities.

Skype’s new service is like a Star Trek universal translator for the real world
This long-promised technology has finally been freed from the realm of science fiction.

MIT unifies Web development in a single, speedy new language
When you think about it, web technologies do have a lot of potential for improvement.

How Do Shark Tank Entrepreneurs Build Their Websites?
Wordpress and Woocommerce are the most popular platforms in the Tank.

How To Increase Productivity By Employee Happiness
Some tips on making the office a bit more exciting.

11 Tricks Steve Jobs, Jeff Bezos, And Other Famous Execs Use To Run Meetings
Unique approaches from outspoken business leaders.

How paid leave for dads helps women at work
It’s a bit shocking how the US stacks up against other countries when it comes to mat/pat leave.

Dim Your iPhone Screen with a Home Button Shortcut
Ever been using your iPhone at night and wish you could further dim the backlight? Here you go – just don’t forget to turn it off when you’re done.

Duet Display brings fast response to the iPad-as-external-monitor game
Seems like a much better alternative than similar apps that use WiFi.

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