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Maybe you noticed it’s been a while since my last newsletter. Or maybe you’ve been more focused on the new iPhones, the  watch, and you know, the rest of your life. That’s a good thing – I’ve been busy too. Anyways, I’ve decided to take the advice of my better half and reduce the frequency of this newsletter. Hope you still enjoy getting it as much as I enjoy making it.

Doctor uses 3D printer to save a toddler’s mind
Starting out with a 3D printing trifecta. This video is about giving brain surgeons the ability to practice on an exact replica of their patient.

3D Printed Dresses Are Radically Changing The Meaning Of Haute Couture
A different kind of wearable tech than we’ve been hearing about in the news.

How to 3D-print your own Daft Punk helmet
Adafruit to the rescue… if you start now, this could be ready by Halloween.

Steve Jobs Was a Low-Tech Parent
Why do tech CEOs almost unanimously limit their children’s interactions with technology?

New algorithm enables MIT cheetah robot to run and jump, untethered, across grass
A bounding robot inspired by nature’s fastest animal.

The periodic table of web design
A solid launch checklist that looks great hanging on your wall.

Look Around Paris In August And You’ll See Why The French Succeed At Life
Working longer hours doesn’t always equate to greater output.

The Sci-Fi Book Classics You Need to Read Before You Die
Some great books on this list… I’d also add Stranger In A Strange Land.

Spellbinding Mathematical GIFs
There’s a special type of satisfaction that comes with copy-pasting the perfect trippy gif into a chat room.

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