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Hey guys! I’m back in the US (and your inbox). Enjoy these few links.

Major Ruling Shields Privacy of Cellphones
I know a lot of people are upset with some of the Supreme Court’s recent rulings, but this one I’m on board with.

Developers and Apple open up on new Swift programming language
The new Swift developer site from Apple is the first time I remember seeing a blog out of Cupertino. This article has some good commentary.

Become a More Creative Listener in 30 Minutes
A free podcast on creative listening from IDEO.

An artist sent the NSA the world’s most secure mixtape
There’s something cool about a secret mixtape that nobody will ever hear.

Monument Valley
This game isn’t brand new, but it’s truly unique and wonderful. Plus the iOS version is on sale right now. If you haven’t tried it yet, now’s the time.

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