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Scientists Add Letters to DNA’s Alphabet
Xenobiologists add a new base pair to create ‘alien’ genetics in a living cell.

You Can Now Text 911 in an Emergency
Thank you, this is long overdue.

MakerBot and Robohand | 3D Printing Mechanical Hands
A touching story of people open-sourcing 3D printing designs for good.

$37 billion lost annually due to unproductive meetings
This is one of my pet peeves, and thankfully the article provides solutions from some great companies.

Cook Mellow
Sous-vide style cooking is really taking off and this has got to be the most futuristic (albeit expensive) immersion cooker yet.

Parrot – Flower Power – intelligent wireless sensor for your plants
Why should humans get all the Bluetooth LE? Use this to measure your plant’s moisture, temperature, sunlight and fertilizer levels.

These are the carpenters turning wood into gold
Miniot proves that a family of artisans can thrive in a world of plastic. I like the family / home approach to work.

Police could use photographic fingerprints to track suspects across social networks
Turns out camera phones can be uniquely identified by their sensor noise.

‘Ultra LP’ Version Of Jack White’s New Album Has Some Crazy Surprises
Hidden tracks, reversed rotation, locked groves, a moving hologram and more… this tricked out vinyl ain’t your daddy’s LP.

Spotify removes silent album that earned indie band $20,000
Very creative way to raise funds. Sometimes a silent album would be the perfect thing to mix.

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