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Hello all my tech fanatics! Here’re some things to occupy your time while you wait for the Dev Center to come back online.

Saw this linked from an article explaining how their Nintendo Gameboy emulator app installer got shut down by Apple. Not surprised, as it blatantly violated the enterprise developer agreement. But it seems like a cool service – a cloud hosted continuous integration server for Xcode. Step one – host your project on GitHub. Step two – upload your developer certificate. Step three – install your app to a device. Would love to hear feedback from anyone who’s used this.

Apple developer site hacked
A good reminder that security must always be our top priority. If it can happen to Apple, it can happen to any of us.

Monetizing your App
For my South Florida friends, Miami’s iPhone App Fanatic Developers group has been rebooted. This Monday is the first meetup under new management… let’s show some support!

CocoaHeads – Development for Mac, iPhone & iPad
Another meetup for the S. FL devs… this one’s at Citrix in Ft. Lauderdale. Next meeting is tomorrow.

Twist app
This app has become one of the ones I use almost every day. It’s sort of a reverse GPS – instead of telling you when you’ll get somewhere, it tells the people who are waiting on you. Hit traffic or stop for a burrito? It updates everyone with a new ETA. It’s on my home screen, and (pro-tip) it also works with Launch Center.

Professor plays a new kind of vinyl
Vinyl will never die! This dude has revived a gramophone recording from 1889 by scanning a photograph from an old magazine, then converting the image to sound. Amazingly nerd / cool.

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